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The story begins in 1982 when our founder, Veejay, first fell under the enchanting spell of glass artistry. It was a transformative moment, an awakening to the endless possibilities that lay within the transparency of glass. From that pivotal year, the flame of passion for the intricate dance of light and form sparked a creative journey that would eventually blossom into the foundation of Avatar Glass Art.

A second-generation artist, Veejay inherited not only a name but also a legacy steeped in artistic brilliance. Guided by the creative footsteps of their father, who was also a distinguished artist, Veejay embraced the dual heritage of artistry and craftsmanship.

Establishing Avatar Glass Art in 1988 was not merely a business venture; it was the realization of a dream nurtured over years of exploration, experimentation, and an unyielding dedication to the craft. The studio became a sanctuary where glass transformed into captivating narratives, each piece a testament to the passion that fueled its creation.

The opportunities of working directly with Royalty and Dignitary clients especially in Brunei and Malaysia opened up opportunities to design and build on various kinds of art glass works. It paved the way to designing, experimenting and building on different kinds of art glass works. Large stained glass Domes, Stacked glass sculptures, Glass water features, Kiln form works and public art pieces are areas where his abilities were sought after.

Self-taught in every way, Veejay carries on his passion working mainly on private commissions and his private art works. His fascination with the surrounding and the living space and nature has grown to not just looking for beauty but to producing works that have a philosophical twist on observation that are deeper to decipher and are left to the audience to form their own opinions. His love for various materials drives him to do more collaborative work which allows him to explore beyond glass and to showcase very unique art pieces and installations.

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